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American Opto Plus LED increases Automotive Safety

July 27, 2016

Using Color-On-Demand capabilities, American Opto Plus produces several custom colors based on Vehicle models and demands for Automotive Interior lighting (Ambient Lighting). Adding vehicle value and safety feeling to drivers.

Ambient lighting improved drivers? perceptions of a vehicle?s interior. Such lighting, which is offered in an array of colors in a growing number of mid- and high-end automobiles, intensifies spacial perception, enhances the perceived quality of materials and makes drivers feel safer.

The number of light sources inside an automobile has grown tremendously in the past decade, and the trend isn?t expected to slow. Previous studies have shown that distracting and uncomfortable glare is eliminated when luminance is kept below 0.1 cd/m? (candela per square meter, a measure of luminance). Other studies show drivers feel less distraction when they can control the lighting level.

About American Opto Plus:
American Opto Plus is an leading LED Manufacturer, factory location in Taiwan and China. Products include LED Lamps, Displays, Dot Matrix, SMD LED, SMD Displays and Custom LED Products.