Our History

Founded in 1973, Opto Plus Technology is an ISO 9002 certified leading manufacturer of LED Lamps, Displays, SMD Lamps, and many other LED-related products. Current factory located in China can produce 300 million LED Lamps and 100 million LED Displays per month. With over 30 production lines utilizing automated equipment, we provide a wide selection of products with the highest quality and consistency. We have over

1,000 operators for automated equipment line. In addition, we have over 25 engineers located in Taiwan headquarter for R&D and support.To provide top-tier customer service, American Opto Plus was established in 1995 to assist North American customers with engineering and provide an extensive selection of off-the-shelf productinventory, helping minimize delivery lead times and facilitate product design.

For over 30 years, AOP continues to produce LEDs with high quality, fast delivery, and competitive pricing to support market demand. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

Leading Technology

From SMD Displays to High Power LEDs, American Opto Plus continues to lead and improve LED technology. AOP is the first company to introduce the award-winning Phosphor-free White LED technology while competitors are struggling with basic consistency. AOP’s SMD Display successfully reduced thickness down to 1mm without light spot issues. Our 1, 3, 5 Watt High Power LED products constitute effective lighting replacements with a selection of RGB in one packaging

Custom Design Support

AOP engineers are trained to standardize custom requirements, maximize the advantage of using LED on each application, and help customers develop unique product designs that are two steps ahead of competitors. Utilizing our experience in the field, as well as latest optical software and hardware, our designs focus on reducing energy loss, directing light properly for each requirement, and generating the most effective, competitive results.

Partnership with Customer

At American Opto Plus, our customers are not just another sale. We partner with our customers from R&D to production in order to achieve the highest possible goal. Our survival depends on customers and we will always stand behind our products and services! American Opto Plus provides the latest and hottest information to customers in all areas, thus creating the most competitive and current products with each design.

PCB Assembly

In addition to LED manufacturing, in 2000 American Opto Plus acquired two ISO 9002 certified PCB manufacturing facilities. AOP trains and controls the manufacturing and handling procedures to meetLED specifications, therefore reducing failures and mishandling of LED products during assembly. ESD, temperature, thermal and many other LED characteristics are carefully monitored to ensure lowest fall-out rates.

The Perfect Supplier for LED Products!

With our wide selection of products, our goal is to be your one-stop shop for LEDs, and become? The Perfect Supplier for LED Products?. Our dedicated service and high quality product has earned many loyal and long-term customers. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to working with you!

About American Opto Plus

American Opto Plus LED Corp., an ISO 9002 certified LED lamps and LED Display manufacturer, supplies ultra bright SMD LED in InGaAlP & InGaN materials, light pipes LED and low energy consuming LED, drop-in replacement LEDs for incandescent bulbs.


  • LED
  • Lamp
  • Diode
  • Lighting
  • Bulb
  • LED Display
  • Light Bars
  • Dot Matrix
  • White LED
  • Blue LED
  • Infrared
  • Phototransistors
  • 5mm
  • 3mm
  • Light Emitting Diodes
  • Optoelectronic
  • Electronic Components
  • SMT
  • Surface Mount
  • Ultra Bright
  • Light Pipes
  • Circuit Board Indicators
  • IR LEDs