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UV-C LEDs emits sterilization wavelength in the range of 265-275nm

April 04, 2017

American Opto Plus UVC LED products, with single component and COB with copper or aluminum nitride as the cooling substrates, high-purified quartz optical lens, emits the most effectiveness of air, surface and water sterilization wavelength in the range of 265-275nm.

AOP UVC LEDs are currently world’s highest irradiance output of greater than 25 mW/cm2 at 10mm working distance and 1.2W input power. This technology gives customers more freedom of product design and effective shorten sterilization time.

Product Features

  • Dimension:

4.4×4.4×4.45mm (30-Degree) Fat Top

4.4×4.4×3.75mm (60-Degree) Dome Lens

4.4×4.4×1.5mm (120-Degree) Dome Lens

  • Patented Quartz glass lens
  • Built in optic available in 30, 60 and 120 degree viewing angle
  • Full copper substrate for optimal thermal conductivity
  • $1~4 / mW
  • High output at 100~150mA

Product Application

  • Medical
  • Biotech Industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Clean Rooms
  • LAB
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial

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