American Opto Plus now on Digikey

March 26, 2020

March 26, 2020 – American Opto Plus LED Products now available to purchase on Digikey. Products are added daily.  Please visit our store on Digikey at following Location: American Opto Plus LED Corp.

Aluminum Flexible High Power PCB Strip

May 10, 2019

May 10, 2019 The first aluminum flexible COB in the industry for Application of cutting-edge design, Uniform Light Output, Easy for Assembly, and fully customization. Your browser does not support the video tag.

0.69mm x 0.69mm RGB SMD LED

May 02, 2019

Optimized for high resolution signage, the 0.69mm x 0.69mm RGB SMD LED is one of the smallest SMD LED available in the industry. RGB Tri-chip for full color and compact package. Contact American Opto Plus for more details.

Capacitive touch LED display

April 04, 2017

American Opto Plus introduces world first super thin capacitive touch display with built in IC. Following by the recent success launch of the through-hole version. The super thin capacitive touch display with built in IC provides all the same benefits with versatile capability for top and reverse mount feature. The low profile reflector provides versatile …

UV-C LEDs emits sterilization wavelength in the range of 265-275nm

April 04, 2017

American Opto Plus UVC LED products, with single component and COB with copper or aluminum nitride as the cooling substrates, high-purified quartz optical lens, emits the most effectiveness of air, surface and water sterilization wavelength in the range of 265-275nm. AOP UVC LEDs are currently world’s highest irradiance output of greater than 25 mW/cm2 at 10mm working distance and 1.2W …

UVC sterilization report of 270nm wavelength

April 04, 2017

AOP test report shows that 270nm wavelength is the ideal wavelength for sterilization. While 270nm wavelength takes up 180 seconds for 100% sterilization, 280nm wavelength energy has shown insufficient to fully terminate viruses.   Reports shown: AOP UVC LED Full application note: AOP 2020 UVC LED  

American Opto Plus LED increases Automotive Safety

July 27, 2016

Using Color-On-Demand capabilities, American Opto Plus produces several custom colors based on Vehicle models and demands for Automotive Interior lighting (Ambient Lighting). Adding vehicle value and safety feeling to drivers. Ambient lighting improved drivers? perceptions of a vehicle?s interior. Such lighting, which is offered in an array of colors in a growing number of mid- …

LED Touch Cell Displays in full production

July 26, 2016

LEDs with Touch Cell Displays utilitize Build-In IC or simple touch cell circuit are in full production capacity. These LED displays have built-in touch sensing technology, and as a result, additional buttons or touch cell circuits are unnecessary. These displays will allow application engineers more flexibility in their designs and contribute to the development of …

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